Superior Grill Office Renovation

Chart Construction transformed the office space located behind the new Superior Grill location in Lafayette into a modern and functional environment. With careful attention to detail and collaboration with the Superior Grill team, we created an office space that aligns seamlessly with the vibrant atmosphere of the renowned Superior Grill brand.

Our renovation included structural modifications, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and the installation of high-quality finishes and fixtures. The optimized layout promotes productivity and efficiency, providing comfortable workstations, collaborative areas, and dedicated spaces for meetings and private discussions.

The renovated office space reflects the distinctive style and ambiance of Superior Grill, offering an inviting atmosphere for the team to excel in their operations. Chart Construction takes pride in delivering successful projects like the Superior Grill Office Space Renovation, showcasing our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

Superior Grill

Superior Grill Office Renovation

December 1, 2022

Lafayette, LA